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iNNOVEX2017 הינו הכנס השנתי המרכזי המוקדש לחדשנות טכנולוגית ומוחות חדשנים. היעד המרכזי של הכנס הוא לעודד חדשנות טכנולוגית בישראל ע"י דיונים בטיפוח תרבות של חדשנות והצגת החידושים האחרונים בעולם הטכנולוגי.

iNNOVEX2017 מזמין כל אדם או חברה המעורבים בפיתוח או ישום טכנולוגיות חדשניות ויחודיות להגיש הצעה להרצאה על מוצר חדשני או מתודולגיה חדשנית פרי פיתוחו האישי או פיתוח של החברה אותה הוא מייצג.

הגשת ההצעה הנ"ל צריכה להיעשות באמצעות הטופס המצ"ב (iNNOVEX2017 – Call for Paper Submission Form) ולהישלח לועדה המארגנת באמצעות הדואר האלקטרוני info@innovex.co.il לא יאוחר  מ-1 בדצמבר, 2016 בשעה 19:00 בערב.כל המסמכים שיוגשו יבחנו ע"י וועדת התוכנית הטכנית (TPC) של iNNOVEX2017 בראשותו של פרופ' זאב זלבסקי, ראש תוכנית לימודי  אלקטרו-אופטיקה באונב' בר אילן ויו"ר מרכז החדשנות ע"ש רמן. מגישים שהצעותיהם להרצאות יבחרו ע"י הועדה יוזמנו להציג את המוצר/פרויקט שלהם בכנסiNNOVEX2017 אשר יתקיים במרכז הכנסים, AVENUE שבאירפורט סיטי בתאריך 8 בפברואר, 2017.

מאחר ומדובר בכנס בינלאומי המסמך נכתב מכאן ואילך בשפה האנגלית. בשפה זו יש גם להגיש את טפסי הבקשה להרצאה.

Topics of Interest

iNNOVEX2017 seeks papers addressing one of the following topics:

·         The digital era and new media (incld. Robotics, electro-optics, energy related and fintech applications)

·         Healthcare & Medicare technologies +  foodtech related know how

·         Smart & connected - the new generation of IOT (including cyber & data security)

·         Software solutions and the Cloud (including data analytics, big data, bots and data integrity)

·         Open Innovation

·         Innovative ideas

The main topic of iNNOVEX2017 is open innovation – technologies & methods that can make impact on the next generation of innovation . Papers that specifically refer to this topic will be treated with higher priority.

The following is the process for any paper submission.

  1. The paper should only address one of the selected topics (see below a detailed list of interesting topics). 

2.      The author must be ready to present the topic at iNNOVEX2017. The author or his/her representative will have at least 20 minutes to present the paper.

3.      Presentations should not be marketing oriented and not biased towards the author's company or business interests.

4.      Papers which were previously published or simultaneously under review by another conference will be rejected, unless received special authorization by the organizers of iNNOVEX2017. Please inform the TPC about the fact that your paper was previously published or simultaneously under review by another conference when you submit your paper.

5.      Authors of submitted papers agree to release the organizers of iNNOVEX2017 from any IP rights, copyright terms or responsibility for exposing the content of their documents to the conference audience or for publishing it in their web site.

Submissions not complying with these terms will be rejected.


List of interesting topics 

Papers should be submitted only in one of the following categories:


·         The digital era and new media (incld. Robotics, electro-optics, energy related and fintech applications)

o   Embedded Electronic Systems

o   Digital delivery of products and services 

o   Multidisciplinary projects (combining technologies from various sectors into one product)

o   New green technologies

o   Innovation in generating fuel and natural gas

o   Data visualization technologies

o   Robotics and machine learning tools

o   Disruptive technologies for security and defense applications

o   The new world of virtual reality and augmented reality

o   Artificial intelligence applications

o   Technologies for infrastructure protection

o   Network security equipment & solutions

o   Energy efficiency & Low power applications

o   Renewable energies & Photovoltaic

o   New Elecro-optics technologies

o   Fintech related applications

o   3D printing

o   Innovative storage solutions

o   LED / Lightening  technologies

o   Space related technologies

o   Low Power applications for consumer products 

o   Electronics for aviation, aerospace and defense

o   SRD / ISM-radios: wireless for industrial use

o   Transportation and E-mobility

o   Peripheral Controller Interfaces

o   Pervasive computing

o   Proprietary systems on chips

o   Test and testing solutions

o   Electro-optics technologies


·         Healthcare & Medicare technologies +  foodtech related know how

o   New development in Preventative Medicare

o   The latest in brain research and how it'll impact our curing abilities

o   Medical Electronics

o   Electronic circuits for medical systems

o   Multidisciplinary projects in bio-med and bio-tech

o   Creative ways to increase food production

o   Seeds and agriculture related technologies

o   Biosensor chips for diagnostic & detection in medical applications

o   Interconnect technologies for next-generation health care devices

o   New ultra-low-voltage system-on-chip  and implantable devices for medical implementation

o   Usage of laser technologies for minimally invasive surgeries

o   Wireless technologies for controlled drug-delivery

o   Video technologies for inter-body diagnostics

o   Implantable microchips – Myths Vs. reality

o   Using wireless applications for Medicare

o   Medical electronics (incld. Signals and biological systems)

o   New electronic tools for drugs delivery



·         Smart & connected - the new generation of IOT (including cyber & data security)

o   The implications of IoT (Internet of Things ) on our lives

o   Internet of everything - how people, process, data, and things are brought together to make networked connections more relevant and valuable

o   New implementations for IoT (Internet of Things) usages

o   Automotive related applications incld. Autonomous car & the connected car

o   Methods for efficient wired communication

o   Wireless Infotainment and multimedia systems

o   Cyber security tools and methods

o   The latest in Fiber to the Home implementations

       o  Short distance communication (incld. Bluetooth , Wifi & Zigbee) for new applications

o   The renaissance  of sensors


o   New applications require new MEMS technologies


o   Sensors & measurements technologies


o   M2M – components, modules and systems

o   Wireless Sensor Networks 

o  UWB – Broadband data transmission 

o   4G / UMTS / WiMAX /LTE – high speed data for mobile telephony a long distance usage 

o   Wireless systems – qualification, certification, approval 

o   Interoperability and Coexistence of wireless sensor networks and systems 

o   RFID & NFC– new developments and applications 

o   New WLAN technologies, standards and applications 

o   The new generation of Electro-optics communication 

o   Wireless system dev. and integration into legacy Industrial Systems 

o   News in location based services 

o   EMC and interoperability problems 

o   The digital & smart home 

·        Software solutions and the Cloud (including data analytics, big data, bots and data integrity)

o   Embedded software for various appliances

o   Embedded software for mobile and telecom applications

o   Embedded software for Robotics and other automated devices

o   Embedded software for security and defense systems

o   Embedded wireless software

o   Data security tools and methods

o   The importance of data integrity

o   Managing big data

o   Personal and private clouds for better content management

o   Embedded operating systems (incld. QNX, Android, Linux,  iOS, Windows 10,  RTOS etc.)

o   Office and data processing applications

o   Data storage and data retrieval SW

o   User interface and I/O interface SW

o   Internet bots and their impact

o   The Cloud computing and Fog revolution

o   Network interface SW

o   Data mining and analysis for better business decisions


·         Open Innovation

  o   How does open innovation work. Show samples for its value and impact


·         Innovative ideas

 o   Entrepreneurs with Innovative ideas for technology related products and businesses which are not covered is the above sections are also invited to present their ideas to the iNNOVEX2017 TPC. 


  iNNOVEX2017 – Call for Paper Submission Form
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